About Us

MJ Tech solutions is an emerging technical platform that offers strong base for the industrial automation solutions. We are dealing with the systematic approach for the wide range of industries that includes Power plants, Steel plants,Boilers ,Furnaces,cement,waste water treatment, RO plants, Mining, Automotive, Metal Machining & Fabrication, Pulp & Paper and Consumer Products etc...

We offer entire solutions for all aspects of your needs in installation of new panels, Design and development,programming,maintenance,Upgrading of existing system and support for PLC panels, HMI/MMI, scada,.with our well trained and experienced experts .

We ensure the best quality in service to our clients.

Who we are
Industrial Automators

Industrial automation is the field which needs Specialised, Experienced solution provider for the requirements with dedicated work and innovative ideas where MJ Tech solutions can do those things at your place.

What we do
Make your Imagination into automation

Our methods
Listening to your needs
Bring you New Perspectives and Ideas
We are Willing to Collaborate
and Finally We make you feel connected

What we have
We have expertised engineers specially for

Electrical solution
Industrial Automation
Field erection
System Design

Cement Industry

Chemical Industry

Food& Beverages Industry

Steel Industry