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Electronic Products

      MJ Tech solutions can satisfy your electronic needs of your control systems.We are delivering good quality products for Timer, Counter and Control relays ,Operator Control devices,Signalling devices,Load cells,SMPS,Transducers and Flow meter & Equipments.

Timer, Counter and Control relays

Products Available:

      Process Control operation
      Switch gear operations
      Safety equipments & Protection purpose etc..

Operator Control devices

Products Available:

      Machine Control Panels
      Process Control Panels
      Control Desk
      SCADA Systems etc..

Signalling devices

Products Available:

      Emergency Signalling
      Fire alarms
      Process Indicators
      Panel Indicator

Load cells

Products Available:

      Single ended Type
      Double Ended Type
      Pin Type
      Pan Cake Type etc..


Products Available:

      Stand alone SMPS of 24V with load Current of 2A ,5A,10A etc..


Products Available:

      Temperature Transducer
      Pressure Transducer
      Level Transducer
      Current Transducer
      Voltage Transducer

Flow meter & Equipments

Products Available:

      We are providing flow meter and equipments for all kind of industries.